Artful Rust


I was driving past Midwest Metals, our local metal recycling depot, and noticed an old Dodge Fargo Truck parked on display in front of the yard. What caught my eye about the Fargo Truck was its awesome layers of rust and previous paint. As you see from the picture, the patches and scratches of paint and rust formed shapes, lines and patterns called ‘Rust Art’. I had seen other photographers’ ‘Rust Art’ pictures and thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to capture a group of very interesting close-up images of the truck’s metal surface.

I raced back to the Studio to pick up my trusty Canon 5D Mark 11, Tripod and Tamron 90 mm Macro lens to frame extreme close-ups of the rusty metal surfaces. I shot hundreds of pictures over two days. First, a group of the surface images were captured just after a rainstorm, which seemed to enhance the greens and reds. Next, I went back to photograph in the warm light just before sunset. This warm light brought out more of the yellows and rust coloured textures. I asked a friend, Judy Miller, who is a former Art Teacher, to help in editing all my best Fargo Rust Art images down to 25. We printed and framed 12 images for The Creemore Festival of the Arts and Mad and Noisy Gallery, Creemore. I am very pleased that the results appear much like a variety of abstract paintings without the addition of photo-manipulation (except for large Truck image). I can’t recall being this excited about a subject in a long time. I hope you enjoy viewing the Artful Rust Collection.

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