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Breaking Through The Wall

Breaking Through The Wall

 A close friend, who is also a photographer, mentioned that currently her creativity is in short supply. She doesn’t feel inspired to make better pictures and she seems to be stuck in a rut photographically. As visual artists, we are on a journey upward, similar to a mountain climb. We struggle to learn new ways to reach a plateau, once we reach that level, we then run out of steam and have to be re-inspired to learn more and find new ways of communicating our visual message to move forward.

I call this roadblock to our creative inspiration a Wall since it tries to prevent us from moving forward to new and interesting directions. If we use the Wall as an indicator or a means of telling us that we need to become more inspired and motivated, then we can take action to move through this dark patch and into a brighter tomorrow.

 A few years ago when I hit The Wall (which happens to me every once in a while) I truly felt like giving up and getting into some other profession. I was uninspired, down on my work and in a very deep rut emotionally. The Wall can stop you from moving forward, but it can also indicate a need for more inspiration and motivation to learn new ways of expressing your visual ideas. I decided to use my camera and close-up lens in a different way to express my inner feelings. The result was a highly creative collection of work for a gallery exhibit.  Instead of being blocked by the Wall, I was able to move through it to a new direction and it felt great.

In digital photography you could become re-inspired by learning new software, attending a workshop, buying a new camera, lens or other gadget to allow you to capture uniquely designed images, that not only look great, but also express your inner most feelings. Try thinking, seeing and creating images in different ways when you hit a Wall. That will help you to move through it and on to better pictures.

 Everything in this universe is on its way to somewhere. If we are not moving ahead making new images, developing new ideas and trying unique ways of seeing and expressing, then we are not only standing still, but we are really falling behind, because everyone else is moving forward.

As visual artists we should never be satisfied with what we have just created. We should always be striving to create something better, more interesting, more expressive, more colourful and more meaningful. We may also try new ways and venues to display and exhibit our pictures.  I have discovered that it takes most of a lifetime to develop your craft to gain the recognition you deserve.

You will never reach the mountain top unless you are willing to break through the Wall on the way up and discover a new level of creative expression.

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