Exploring the Light – My Visual Journey
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Podcast Interview – Beach Radio


Since receiving my first camera at the age of twelve, I have made it my life’s work to seek remarkable scenes, capture them on film or digitally, and display them to a wide audience of viewers. I didn’t realize, until later in life, that all of my photographic adventures became expeditions through various locales and experiences. Each part of the journey has led me to extraordinary people, exotic places and remarkable events not previously embraced. Every photography experience became a learning session to help build my skillset and to further my journey along the path. Even the challenges became blessings that I was able to transform into visual gems. If you perceive your photographic art, as a life-long journey, taking you to places you’ve never been, allowing you to learn significant lessons along the way and meeting fascinating people who help guide you to your next adventure, then your image making will begin to draw you into new and exhilarating directions.

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“I have always believed photographers see a dimension of this world that escapes us mere mortals. Thankfully, artists like Bryan Davies allow us into that magical realm.”
Terry O’Reilly
Host of Under The Influence, CBC Radio

“A favourite word with Bryan, is “visual gems” where a glimpse of perfect light glitters through the visual chaos all around. Bryan has made many of these perfect glimpses possible.”
Peter Goddard
Writer, Creemore, ON