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How Our Photography Makes a Difference in Fragile Communities by Bryan Davies

  For the second year in a row I’ve enjoyed working with dedicated men and women to provide much needed humanitarian services to the impoverished people and villages on the north shore of the Dominican Republic. Haitian Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Teams (aka HHART), under the leadership of Rotarian Steve Wallace of Wasaga Beach, has been […]

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Breaking Through The Wall

Breaking Through The Wall  A close friend, who is also a photographer, mentioned that currently her creativity is in short supply. She doesn’t feel inspired to make better pictures and she seems to be stuck in a rut photographically. As visual artists, we are on a journey upward, similar to a mountain climb. We struggle […]

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Rust Photography Podcast

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Artful Rust

I was driving past Midwest Metals, our local metal recycling depot, and noticed an old Dodge Fargo Truck parked on display in front of the yard. What caught my eye about the Fargo Truck was its awesome layers of rust and previous paint. As you see from the picture, the patches and scratches of paint […]

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